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FAQs: End of School Year

Hope you have a great break!

Let's make the transition from end of the school to next year as easy as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions.

What data do I need for summer school?

If your district hosts summer school, contact our support team (800-829-8107 or in order to find the best method of integrating summer school data. Each summer school data is unique, and support can assist you by creating the new summer school organizations for your data.

The required data usually includes:

  • School Name
  • Organization ID
  • Organization type (indicates it is summer school)
  • Phone
  • Time Zone

Can I stop uploads for the summer?

You can choose to stop the uploads at the end of the school year, however it is not necessary. You can continue to send files from your Student Information System (SIS) and the information will be uploaded to Blackboard, but it will not contain any new information until you roll the next school year data over in the SIS.

If you choose to stop the uploads, just stop the data transfers on your end from your SIS. Blackboard will not receive any new information and will maintain the current data.

If you stop uploads, and your district has notifications set to warn you about missing uploads, contact our support team (800-829-8107 or so that the notification triggers can be turned off.

What about the next school year?

If you stop sending your Student Information System (SIS) files to Blackboard at the end of the school year, you must restart the SIS uploads on your end for the new year.

There are additional steps for the following SIS systems:

  • Aeries SIS: You will need to make an adjustment on your end for the new year in order for new data to be pulled. Adjust your settings to reflect the new DB name.
  • Tyler Tech SIS: There is a back-end process that needs to be adjusted for the new school year.

See the Start of School information for full details.