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Activate User Authentication

Increase security and the number or users accessing information!

Ensuring the authenticity of users not only helps your district with security, but it actually increases the number of users that will log into your mobile apps and other school tools. Different authentication features are available to you:

  • Add your district's terms and conditions for logging into mobile apps.
  • Set your system so that users can log in using third-party products, such as Facebook or Google's Gmail.
  • Allow users to log in through a student's birth date.
  • Enable your LDAP server to manage your authentication needs.
  • Embed code to your website for user login for messages.

Set the user authentication

  1. From the Blackboard Communications HQ interface menu, select Settings > Global Settings.
  2. Select the Authentication link.

  3. Type the Login Help Text to include when users experience difficulty logging into the app.
  4. Select or clear the Forgot Password link from either the web interface or the mobile app.
  5. Type your text in the Terms and Conditions box.

    When mobile app users login, they will see the Terms and Conditions link sending them to this information.

  6. Select any Third-party Login Options for users. Determine if users can login using their Facebook or Google login credentials.
  7. Select Enable Student ID/Birth Date Sign Up to allow student access with their identification codes and birth dates.

    You will need to upload the student’s IDs and birth dates from your student information system.

  8. Determine whether or not to update a user's login name and password during user data imports from the Import Login/Password Updates area.
  9. Determine whether or not to add the Community Messenger feature. Select Enable to allow access, and select Allow login to automatically log in the user.

    You can copy the embed code to include the Community Messenger sign-up form to your website.

  10. To use your LDAP database for user authentication, Enable the feature, and set the server and certificate information.

    To embed a login widget to your district or school website, copy the Login Widget embed code to your website.

  11. Select Save when finished.