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Blackboard Help

Access Blackboard Communications HQ

Learning the basics!

Before configuring the Community Engagement solution, and before sending out messages, you need to log into your school's Blackboard Communication HQ website. This website allows you to setup account preferences, send messages to district and school community members, and view reports.

Your Blackboard representative will provide you with the web address, your login name, and password.

Log into Communication HQ

  1. Open a web browser and type the school or district’s Blackboard web address.
  2. Type your Login ID and Password (case sensitive).

    Depending on your school's settings, you may also be able to login through your Facebook or Google Gmail account.

  3. Select Log In.

Moving around

The Home page brings the following functionality right to your fingertips:

  • Ability to send messages.
  • Send a text to download the app version of Blackboard Communications HQ to your mobile device.
  • Review information regarding messages sent, app downloads, bad phone/emails, and social followers.
  • View system status.
  • View release notes.
  • See upcoming webinars.
  • Checkout the latest Tips and Tricks, which are best practices and advanced training videos.

Check out the Home Page video.

The Messages page allows you to send messages to members of your district and school community, including parents, students, and teachers.

For districts and schools with Blackboard Social Media Manager, the Social tab to track your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing to respond to messages in one central location.

The Accounts page allows you to access the accounts of different users available in the districts and schools to update passwords and contact information.

The Reports page allows you to view reports based on account data, messages sent, social media analytics, and system statistics.

The Settings page allows you to configure your Community Engagement solution to suit your district's needs.

The Account Search available in the menu allows you to locate any user account by ID, name, phone number (including text/SMS number), or email address.

For districts and schools with Blackboard Web Community Manager, the universal menu bar will be available next to the Account and Sign Out options. The universal menu bar will allow you to toggle between your online websites and the Community Engagement solution.