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Blackboard Help

Set Message Approvals

Approval for teacher messages

Administrators have the opportunity to approve pre-made or custom messages that teachers have scheduled or created. You can approve messages automatically or manually.

In Automatic Approval mode, all messages will be automatically approved, but you will still have the opportunity to view and reject them.

In Manual Approval mode, custom messages created and sent by teachers will show up on the approval page as Not Reviewed. You can approve or reject them after reviewing the message content. The messages will not be delivered unless they are manually approved.

Set the message approval method

  1. To configure the desired Message Approval method, select Settings.
  2. Select the district or school name.
  3. Select Delivery Options.
  4. In the Message Approval section, select Automatic or Manual.
  5. For Manual Mode, set an Email Time and Email Address for the administrator to receive notifications.

Manually approve or reject messages

To manually approve or simply view teacher messages, access the Approval page.

  1. From the Blackboard Communications HQ interface menu, select Messages > Approval.

    Any messages that have already been approved appear in the Reviewed section. Messages under the Not Reviewed section need manual approval before they will be scheduled to deliver.

  2. Review the message:
    • To view the content of a message, select the Message Name.
    • To listen to the audio, select Play Audio.
  3. Approve or reject the message:

    • You can approve or reject the message from the Send window by selecting Approve or Reject.
    • You can also approve or reject messages from the Not Reviewed or Reviewed areas of the Approval page. Select Approve or Reject.

    If an administrator does not approve a message in time, the teacher will receive an email letting them know their message has not yet been reviewed.

    Rejected messages will appear crossed out, and the teacher who sent the message will receive an email of the rejection.