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Blackboard Help

Resend Messages

Only administrators can resend a message.

Contact your system administrator if you want to resend a message, or you can recreate the message.

Resend a Teacher Messaging message

Only administrators can resend a message. The following steps are for system administrators only.

  1. Open the Message Tracking report:
    • You can access the Message Tracking report by selecting Messages or Reports.
    • Select Message Tracking.
  2. Select Edit from the Details page of the Message Tracking report.

    The Edit button is only available to system administrators.

  3. Update the following options:

    The only way to change the recipients of a message is to cancel the message and re-create it. Remember to save the changes made to the message! You can review the current list of the recipients by selecting View Recipients.

    • The start time of the message.
    • The end time of the message.
    • The delivery methods.
  4. Select Save.
  5. On the Progress page, select Activate Message.

The message will be sent during the new time frame.