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Training Videos

Connect 5 Training Videos

Included is a list of videos available for training, with the descriptions and approximate run times.

Video Link Description
Basic Training Video

This training video covers how to:

  • Setup your security profile and password
  • Update your User Account page
  • Sign in
  • Send a voice/email/SMS message
  • View Delivery Reports
  • Search/edit recipients

Length — 24:24 min/sec

General Training Session This training session covers how to:
  • Login
  • Navigate through the Home Page
  • Send messages
  • View Delivery Reports
  • Use templates
  • Use the Recipients Tab
  • Use dial-in messaging
  • Access Behind the Blackboard

Length — 46:27 min/sec

Advanced Training Session This training session provides information on advanced and administrative functions:
  • Sending Facebook, Twitter, and RSS messages
  • Using multilingual messaging
  • Setting variables in VoicePlus and TTS messages
  • Importing a call list
  • Using two-way messaging
  • Using mode prioritization
  • Sending surveys
  • Formatting and importing data
  • Managing users
  • Setting up caller IDs/email IDs
  • Managing opt-outs
  • Setting custom email header/footer
  • Setting up the MyConnect Portal

Length — 54:14 min/sec

How to Send a Message Quick tutorial on how to send a message via phone/email/SMS and how to view the delivery results.

Length — 6:10 min/sec

Creating/Managing Templates No audio. This video shows you how to create, edit, and set favorite templates.

Length — 2:59 min/sec

How to Send Multilingual Messages Quick tutorial on how to send a message to a multilingual population.

Length — 8:02 min/sec

Using the Admin Tab Quick tutorial for administrators on how to edit site information, manage users, and set caller IDs/email IDs.

Length — 5:21 min/sec

How to Send Multi-part Messages and Voice+ This video shows you how to use “Voice+” to record custom messages that have a combination of your voice and a TTS voice. It also shows you an alternate way to send a multi-part message without using Voice+.

Length — 8:15 min/sec

How to Use the Dial-In Messaging Card This video shows you an alternate way to send a message with just a phone call.

Length — 5:52 min/sec

How to Send a Two-Way Message This video shows you how to send two-way communication via phone, email, and text.

Length — 7:14 min/sec

How to Use Geo-Mapping to Send a Message This video shows how Blackboard Connect's Geo-Mapping feature allows you to select your message recipients by drawing shapes on a map.

Length — 8:39 min/sec

How to Use Mode Prioritization to Send a Message This video shows how to use the mode prioritization feature to allow you to determine the priority level of each modality (phone, email, or SMS) when sending outreach and/or attendance messages.

Length — 4:32 min/sec

How to Use Quick Translate All This video shows how you can quickly translate your English message into different languages by simply clicking the Translate All button on the Send a Message screen. This button will translate your message into all the supported languages for the recipients you selected, in the modalities you created in English.

Length — 5:28 min/sec

How to Use Copy To/Copy From Feature This video demonstrates how to use the Copy To/Copy From feature to quickly copy/paste into other modalities.

Length — 1:53 min/sec

How to Use the Manage Opt-Outs Feature This video demonstrates how to use the Opt-Out Manager to blacklist phone numbers, email address, and SMS phone number from the system.

Length — 4:36 min/sec

Implementation Overview This brief video shows the steps of the implementation process for new clients.

Length — 3:01 min/sec

K-12 Account Structure and Users This video illustrates the K-12 hierarchy.

Length — 2:47 min/sec

ProED Account Structure and Users This video illustrates the ProED hierarchy.

Length — 4:09 min/sec

Higher-ED Account Structure and Users This video illustrates the HigherED hierarchy.

Length — 4:06 min/sec

Data Training Video This video shows you how to create a data file, upload data into Connect 5, and view import results.

Length — 22:45 min/sec

Data Automation Options This video illustrates the different ways to automate data using CDU (Connect Data Uploader), Autoscripts, sFTP, and API.

Length — 8:05 min/sec

How to Setup a Data Automation with an FTP Server for Powerschool This tutorial explains how to FTP your data file to a local windows server from Powerschool and from there send it securely to Connect 5.

Length — 4:55 min/sec

Advanced Features This video shows all the other advanced features that are available to you at no additional cost — email attachments, translation, multi-question survey, mode prioritization, two-way messaging, mapping, and the iPhone Sender app.

Length — 7:41 min/sec

Advanced Integration This video is an overview of other Advanced Integration options that are available to you at no additional cost, which entail: CAP (Common Alerting Protocol), SSO (Single Sign On), IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System).

Length — 7:39 min/sec

Rollout Plan This video provides new clients with a set of best practices before going live with the system.

Length — 6:59 min/sec

Open vs. Closed MyConnect Portals This video explains the difference between Open vs. Closed Portals and the difference between a Read-Only vs Partial Read-Only portal.

Length — 8:58 min/sec

Connect for Teachers Admin Controls This video walks you through the administrator controls for the Connect for Teacher product. As the Teacher Admin, you will have the ability to manage teachers, set system parameters, opt-out phone numbers from receiving teacher calls, and generate usage reports.

Length — 9:59 min/sec