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Bb Drive 1.7 Release Notes

Release Information

Original Launch: May 7, 2014

Requirements: Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack (SP) 4 and later with a content management license.


Supported Platforms

Clients who license the Blackboard Learn Content Management module and are running Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 4 (9.1.40071.3) or later versions can begin using Blackboard Drive immediately. To have the best user experience and have the Easy Edit with Blackboard Drive functionality, clients should be running Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 6 (9.1.60230.0) or later.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Blackboard Drive for Windows (1.7.16730) is supported on the following Windows platforms:

  • The 32-bit installer (BlackboardDrive-x86_1.7.16695_setup.exe) supports the 32-bit versions of 'Windows XP', 'Windows Vista', 'Windows 7', 'Windows 8' and 'Windows 8.1' OS.
  • The 64-bit installer (BlackboardDrive-x64_1.7.16695_setup.exe) supports the 64-bit versions of 'Windows Vista', 'Windows 7', 'Windows 8' and 'Windows 8.1' OS.

Release Highlights

Directory Listing Performance Improvement

  • To respond to performance issues reported in this area, we have e-factored the directory listing updates in version 1.7.

  • The directory listing updates are controlled by the Sharing Level setting of given volume. It can be adjusted under volume configuration in the Advance Options section. Each Sharing Level groups several configuration parameter values into simple one-click selection. Just two configuration values affect behavior of directory listing updates: cachedListings and refreshTimeout.

  • We believe that cachedListings should be set to true to provide a good user experience.

Notifications for Files in Use

  • We have added the possibility to notify users trying to open a locked file with the name of the lock owner. The foreign lock notification windows can be turned on/off in the mass configuration using the new LockPolicy option which values are:

    ALLOW - open the file normally, the file is just read only
    WARNING - open the file normally, but display notification window that the file is locked.
    DENY - the file cannot be opened and a notification window is displayed

    The default value for this option is WARNING.

Send Logs

  • To improve the communication with our Support team and to simplify the collection and transfer of the necessary logs when reporting an issue with Blackboard Drive, a 'Send Logs' button has been added to the Preference tab of Blackboard Drive UI. By clicking this button, all the logs needed for troubleshooting an issue will be collected, zipped and uploaded directly on Blackboard Support Web File Server.

Versioning for Multiple Files

  • User is now able to enable/disable versioning on multiple files with a single click. When enabling/disabling versioning takes longer than the defined time (1s) progress dialog is shown. The progress dialog also allows user to cancel operation. Other version related command can only be applied on one file.


  • Password Protected Passes: A new mass configuration parameter PasswordProtected allows to enforce the passes created from the Drive to be password protected.
  • Hide/Show context menu items: New mass configuration parameters allows to hide or show the Drive items in the Explorer context menu.
  • Starting Drive in background: Blackboard Drive now opens in the background when starting Windows.

How to Download and Install Bb Drive 1.7

Clients licensing the Content Management module should submit a ticket with Blackboard Client Support to request Blackboard Drive. More details are available on a dedicated site on Behind the Blackboard.