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Blackboard Help


There are three toolbar options to bring the most used features to your fingertips. Click View Toolbars to select the toolbar options that you find most helpful.

The Standard Toolbar


The buttons are identified below as they appear above from left to right:

  • Print
  • Sort Ascending
  • Sort Descending
  • Random Sort
  • Add Student
  • Add Test
  • Graph
  • Select term to view

Sort Ascending/Descending - These buttons will sort the students in your spreadsheet based on the column in which your cursor is sitting when you choose this option.

The Big Toolbar


The Big Toolbar allows you to access the most frequently used menu options with one click.

The Main Menu


The menu options allow you to access the many features. Some of these features are also accessible from the toolbar. The menus do provide access to a number of other features as well. The contents of this manual will describe all the features in GradeQuick regardless of the menu used to access them.