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Blackboard Help

Edit, Change, Undo, and Enter Key Movement

To replace an incorrect entry, click in the cell of the incorrect entry. Type the new name or number. The old one will disappear immediately and be replaced with the letters you are currently typing. Press the Enter key again.

To change, or edit, a previous entry, double click the incorrect entry. The cursor will appear at the end of the text in the cell. Use the mouse to position the cursor to the left of the letters you want to change and click. Then delete the letters or numbers you want to remove and type in the new ones or insert new ones. You may also use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the desired spot. Press the Enter key when done.

If you ever type over a previous entry by mistake, you may undo it by pressing ESC before pressing the final Enter key and the original entry will return or use the Undo feature.

Setting Direction of Enter Key Movement

Currently, the Enter key default is set so that the cursor moves down after you have pressed it. This is to facilitate the entering of test scores. If you prefer, however, you may set the action to move in another direction.

  1. Click Options > Preferences.
  2. Select Up, Down, Left, Right or Enter key does not move selection.