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Blackboard Help

Entering Student Information Directly into Spreadsheet Columns

For data that you want to enter for every student by running down the roster, such as comment codes, it is preferable to enter it via the spreadsheet column, just as you do with test scores.

  1. Click View > Student Info.
  2. Click to highlight the data fields you want to show as columns in the spreadsheet.
  3. Click OK.
  4. New columns corresponding to the data fields you selected will appear in the spreadsheet.

Student information to view

When the additional columns are displayed on the spreadsheet, you may enter data directly into the column. The column width will be adjusted automatically.

Student information on the spreadsheet

When you have changed field names, the new names will be saved with the gradebook. If you want the revised names to be available to your other gradebooks, use Edit > Gradebook-to-Gradebook Copy.