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Student Information

Information about a student can be kept in an unlimited number of special rows in Student Information. Student information may have been automatically imported along with student names and IDs so that you do not have to type in the information. If your school does not provide this information, there are several ways to enter the information into student data fields, depending on the content. This can be done using the Student Information dialog box, the Student Viewer or from a spreadsheet column. See the respective sections below. The fields are already named but you can rename them or create new ones to reflect whatever information you wish to keep, such as locker number or book number, etc.

Student Information Field Names

You may create new information fields either at the end of the list or inserted among those that already exist.

To add or delete fields once in the Student Information dialog box:

  1. Click the appropriate button.
    • Add New Field At End to create a new field at the end of the list.
    • Add New Field At Cursor to insert a new field in a specific location in the list. The new field will be added above the field that was highlighted.
    • Delete Field At Cursor to delete the field that is highlighted. If you delete a field, both the field name and any information that has been entered will be deleted for all students in the gradebook. If the field and its data were imported, it will reappear when the gradebook is next opened.
  2. If you are adding a new field, enter a name for the new field before you leave the dialog box.