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Blackboard Help

Adding New Students

In general, you will not be adding students to your gradebooks. New students in a class will be added by the school’s Super User as class schedules change in the student information system. When you open your gradebook, you will see the new student without having to do anything.

If you do find you need to add a student, the quickest way to add a student row at the bottom of your class list, you may add a new row in one of these ways.

  • Click the Add New Student button on the toolbar.
  • Right-click the spreadsheet and choose Add Student(s) from the menu.
  • Press F5 to add a row.
  • Click below the last row, except when entering your class list for the first time. In that case, the new row will be created automatically when you finish typing the name of a student and press the Enterkey.
  • From the menu, you may click Edit > Add/Del Student(s). Type in the number of rows you wish to add, and click OK or press the Enter key to return to the spreadsheet. The program will create the designated number of student rows.