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Deleting Students

In general students should not be deleted from the gradebook. If a student’s schedule changes and he is no longer on the class roster, the gradebook will open with a DR for the student. Only students that are dropped due to schedule changes can be effectively dropped from the class. If you mistakenly drop students or just delete a student, they will reappear in the class roster the next time the gradebook is opened. A deleted student that returns when the gradebook is next opened will no longer have any scores on assignments.

Use one of the following procedures to delete students.

  • Right-click the mouse button on the spreadsheet. Choose Delete Student(s). The student’s name should appear with the option.
  • Click Edit > Add/Del Students or Tests > Delete Student(s). Click each student you want to remove or click the Select All button to select all names in the list. Click OK to remove the selected students.