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Blackboard Help

Basic Information Tab

The Student Information fields available in this window are fixed and correspond to those already set in the gradebook.

Selecting a Different Student to View:

Click the arrow by the student name field to view a drop-down list of all students in the open grade book.

Choose student from drop down list

Saving Changes and Exiting

Click the Done button to save changes to the student’s information and/or to exit Student Summary View.

Adding or Editing Student Information in Student Summary View

Click to highlight the white text field. To edit or add information, type in the field. These changes will affect the Student Information in the grade book.

Enter student information

Loading or Editing a Student’s Picture

Click load to attach a picture

  1. Click the Load button.
  2. Locate the student’s picture file on the computer or network using the Open File dialogue box and click the Open button.

Select the picture file to attach

Adding a Student Memo

Click the View Student Memos button, to access the Student Memo editor.