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Skills Assessments Tab

Student Summary View lets the teacher view skills assessments for a student if this information has been entered in the grade book. The Skills Assessments tab is located behind the Basic Information tab, if it is available for the open grade book.

Skills assessments tab

Viewing Skills for a Different Standard

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Skills for Standard field.
  2. Select the Standard associated with the Skills to view from the drop-down list.

Choose assessment from drop down list

Adding or Editing a Skill Grade

  1. Highlight the grade or the Grade field.
  2. Click the arrow to the right to display the assessment scale.
  3. Select a grade from the drop-down list.

Filling a Column with a Skill Grade

The Fill Current Column feature allows the teacher to fill all skill fields with the same skill grade for a particular student.

  1. Highlight the grade or the Grade field and right-click to display Fill Current Column.
  2. Left click the Fill Current Column option to open the Input Form.
  3. Click the arrow in the Fill Column With field to select the skill assessment grade from the drop-down menu.

Right-click to access option to fill column