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Blackboard Help

Attendance Tab

When the attendance feature is used, the students’ attendance can be viewed and edited using the calendar in Student Summary View. The Attendance tab is located behind the Skills Assessment tab, if it is available for the open grade book.

Attendance tab

When using Half-Day Attendance, a Morning/Afternoon toggle will appear above Attendance Totals. Morning attendance will be selected by default. Select the arrow in the toggle box to switch to Afternoon attendance.

Choose morning or afternoon from the drop down list

Viewing Attendance Totals by Year or Term

A tally of student tardiness and absences appears on the right.

Click the arrow to the right of the Attendance Totals field and select the total by Year or specific Term.

Calendar on left; totals on right

Viewing a Different Calendar Month

Click the < and > located beside the month field to change calendar months.


Adding or Editing Attendance

The teacher can add or edit attendance for days that appear white in the Attendance Calendar. If a student is marked tardy or absent or has already been marked as such in Attendance Chart or Seating Chart, a red letter will appear on the day. The date will also be in red. When a student is present, the day is left blank.

To record attendance, right-click the day and select the attendance code from the list.

Choose attendance code from the drop down list