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Entering Tests

Each test (assignment) entered in a gradebook is represented by a column referred to as the test column. There are several ways to create a test column. Choose the one you prefer.

There are several ways to create tests.

  • Add New Test button. Click the Add New Test button on the Standard Toolbar.

Add new test icon on the toolbar

  • F6 Key. Pressing the F6 key adds one new test column.
  • Click to right of last test column. When you click to the right of the last test column, answer Yes to the prompt.


  • Right-click anywhere in the spreadsheet. The right click will cause a menu of options to appear. Select Add Test to create a new test column.

Add new test from the menu

With this option, you may create multiple tests by changing the number.


  • You may create multiple tests by clicking Edit > Add/Del Students or Test > Add Tests.

Term numbers are automatically assigned to new tests according to the Term Start Dates you have set for the grade book. You may also edit a test’s term by highlighting it and typing over it.


  • When new test columns are created, the spreadsheet will immediately scroll to show the new column.
  • New test columns will be added to the right unless you have chosen to add them to the left next to the ID or other Student Information columns that might be in view.
  • Since new columns are created with the current date, you can save yourself the effort of correcting dates by creating the columns, as they are needed.
  • If you have added Standards and Skills to your grade book, you can attach skills to your tests. When you attach skills to a test, a subscript number will appear after the test name in the Name field to indicate the number of skills attached to the test.

Placement of Tests

You can choose whether you want new assignments to be added to the beginning, (next to the Student Name/ID), or the end, (next to the summary columns), of your spreadsheet. Click Options Preferences, and select Add new tests to the End or Start of your gradebook. If you click to the right of the last test column, and you have selected to add new assignments to the beginning (Start), they will be added at the left.

Add tests to End or Start of other tests