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Entering Test Scores

You must first enter the possible points for an assignment before entering student scores in its column.

There are two methods for entering test scores.

  • Click a cell in a test column and type the score
  • Use search to find the student and once found type the score.

Enter scores in the test columns

Never enter 0 as a score unless the student actually scored 0 on the assignment and you want it to count as 0 in the student’s average — leave the ** to signify incomplete or choose the X (exempt) or NC (No credit = 0) score.

Using Automatic Search & Find to Enter Test Scores

This is an alternative way to enter scores quickly.

  1. Put the highlight bar in the column where you would enter a test score.
  2. Press the F10 key or click Options > Search.
  3. Type the first letter of the first word in the name of the student whose score you will enter. For example, if you want to enter a score for Tom Smith, and if you entered his name as Tom Smith, type T. (If you entered his name as Smith, Tom, type S.) The highlight will automatically move to the first row of students whose name begins with T or S depending what you typed.
  4. Enter the score if the highlight bar is in Tom Smith’s row.
  5. Press the Enter key.
  6. If the highlight is not in the correct row, type the second letter in the name, (M for Smith) if you wish GradeQuick to search further.
  7. Repeat the process until you reach the right name.
  8. Type in the score and press the Enter key.
  9. If you are entering letter grades instead of numbers, press the Enter key before typing the letter, so GradeQuick will know you are not searching for another letter in the name. Type the letter and press the Enter key when you are done.
  10. Type the first letter of another student’s name and continue as above.

Press the F10 key again to turn off Search Mode or it will keep searching whenever a letter is typed.

If you made a mistake entering scores and have overwritten previously entered scores, use the Undofeature to restore scores one by one. You can restore approximately 50 previous values. You can accessUndo from the Edit menu or by clicking the right mouse button.