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Creating Special Scores

To create special scores, such as Final Exams or a term paper, that you wish to be handled as a grade outside term marking periods, you should remove the number in the Term row. These scores will be counted toward the final or semester grade, but not toward the average of any term or marking period.

A special score starts as a test column. To change the column to a special score, remove the term number. To remove the term number:

  1. Click the term number.
  2. Press the Enter key.
  3. Press the Delete key or Spacebar.
  4. Press the Enter key again.

Term removed for special score SemEx1

Once the term number is removed, you will see the special score column listed with the terms in the weighting dialog box. Give the special score the weight you want used to calculate the grade in the gradebook.

Special score is weighted with terms

If the gradebook is set up to calculate semester subtotals, you will be asked to assign the special score to a semester or the year.