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Dropping Low Test Scores

Dropping Low Test Scores

GradeQuick allows you to drop as many low scores as you wish from any category, and to restore those scores any time you like. Most importantly, GradeQuick drops the score that will hurt the student’s overall average the most. Furthermore, GradeQuick’s complex formula computes this correctly even with a weighted grading system.

Drop low score options

To drop low test scores:

  1. Click Grading > Drop Low Scores,
  2. From the Term drop-down, choose the term where you want to drop scores. If you have more than one term in the gradebook, you can also choose Any Term.
  3. Select the category from which you wish to drop low scores. If Any Category is chosen, GradeQuick will disregard categories when choosing which score to drop.
  4. Next to Number to drop: enter the number of scores you want to drop from the chosen category and term combination. For example, if you want to drop each student’s lowest two scores, enter 2.
  5. Click the Change button.
  6. Click OK.

Marking Dropped Scores

Although Drop Low Scores prevents any low score you specify from affecting the final grade, dropped scores remain in the gradebook.

If you wish to “flag” or mark these scores so that you know that they were dropped:

  1. Click Options > Preferences.

Check to show low scores markers

In the section Show markers for: click Low scores dropped to enter a checkmark. The dropped score will be displayed in a strikeout format in the gradebook. Note the test scores below that are dropped.

Line through score is a dropped score