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Score Footnotes

Use Score Footnotes to add comments to specific scores within the gradebook. As opposed to memos that apply to the entire class or a test, in general, Score Footnotes lets you comment on a specific student’s performance on a specific test.

Building Score Footnotes

The first step in using Score Footnotes is to define the symbols and their meanings. When defining your footnote codes, you can choose from every letter of the alphabet and numbers zero through nine.

  1. Click Grading > Set Score Footnotes.
  2. Select a footnote symbol (h, 3, etc.) from the Code pull-down list.
  3. Enter the footnote’s description (e.g., Extra Credit Given) in the Meaning field.
  4. Click the Change button to save the footnote symbol.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to add more footnotes, and then click OK when finished

Choose code from the drop down list

Applying Score Footnotes in the Gradebook

Once the footnotes are defined, you can apply them to student scores within the gradebook itself. These symbols are a quick indicator that you attached a special comment to Student A’s score on Test B. Footnotes can only be applied to test scores, not sub-totals or term grades.

  1. Right-click the student score to which you want to add a score footnote.
  2. The score footnotes appear in a pop-up menu of options. Click the footnote you want to add to this score.

    Score footnote and definition listed

  3. The score footnote appears below, and to the right, of the student’s score.

    Score footnote indicated by code next to scores

Printing Score Footnotes on Reports

Use the following steps to print Score Footnotes and the key on reports.

  1. Select a report from the Reports menu.
  2. Click Tests > Score Info
  3. Click Options and check the boxes for Print Score Flags. You can also check Print Score Flags Key, if you wish.
  4. When you run the report, a column displays any Score Footnotes in the gradebook.

Footnote column and footnote key on student reports