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Summary Data Columns

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GradeQuick automatically computes statistics about student performance for the year or semester. These statistics are shown in the columns at the far right.


The column titled Total displays the total number of points that a student received on all the tests he or she took, including extra credit.


In the column called Max will be the sum of all the points possible (excluding extra credit) the student could have received on all the tests taken. Both Total and Max exclude exempt tests with student scores of X or an ** (By default, ** means exempt, though you can change it to mean no credit.


The Avg is the expression for the percent of correct answers on all the tests taken. This is derived by dividing the student’s Total score by the student’s Max, in an unweighted system.


The last column, Grade, is the final grade for the semester or year. It is based on the student’s final average and the grading scale you have selected. The (default) grading scale that will operate, unless you change it, is the standard scale in which 90-100=A, 80-89=B, etc.