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Blackboard Help

Setting Width of Name or ID Column

You may want to reduce the width of the student name or ID column in order to leave more room on the page for test columns.

  1. Click View > Column Widths.

    Set column widths for name and ID

  2. Select from the Name or ID column options.
  3. Choose to adjust the column either automatically or specifically as you select the number of characters you want to display.
    • Automatic sets the width to accommodate the longest name/ID you have entered, after you have entered it.
    • You can define the number of characters for the column width, truncating the names or IDs to fit. Click the drop-down arrow to choose the width. This example shows the ID width selection.


The name/ID column will continue to store the full name/ID. You can later widen the column by choosing Column Widths again.