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Sorting Students

You may arrange your student rows alphabetically, by ID number, by data field, or by their performance on any score or overall average. The quickest way to sort your student rows is to place your cursor in the column that you want to use in sorting, and then click one of the Sort arrows on the Standard Toolbar to sort ascending or descending.

Sort Icons on the Toolbar

A Randomized Sort button appears immediately to the right of the Ascending and Descending sort arrows on the Standard Toolbar.

Sorting Students

For more advanced sorting options, you can click View > Sort > Students to use the Sort Students dialog:

Set up multiple sort levels from the menu

Set up multiple sort levels from the menu

Choose sort fields

There are three levels of sorting available. In other words, if you choose the student information field Grade Level as the first level, GradeQuick will first group the students according to the data in that field, such as Freshmen and Sophomores etc. If you choose

  • First Word In Name for your second level sort, the students are sorted within the freshman grade level according to their name, and then the sophomores are listed according to their names. Select ways to sort from the following
  • Sort By First Word In Name will sort alphabetically by the first word you have entered, not necessarily the student’s first name. Use this option to sort by last name if you have entered names last name first, i.e., “Smith, Tom.”
  • Sort By Last Word In Name will order students by the last word you entered. Use this option to sort by last name if you have entered names in order, i.e. Tom Smith or Mary P. Jones.
  • Sort By Second Word In Name will sort by the second name entered. Use this option to sort by last name if you are not using initials and you have students with multiple words in their last name, i.e. John Doe Jr. or Frank Von Trapp.
  • If you select Sort By ID#, Alphabetical, the rows will be sorted by ID, based on letters.
  • Selecting Sort By ID#, Numeric will sort rows by ID numbers.
  • You can also select Sort By Total or Sort By Maximum Possible, which will sort rows by numbers in the Total column or Maximum column.
  • If you select Sort By Final Average, GradeQuick will order, or rank, students by their final grade. If you select the Student Statistic Rank from the Statistics menu, another column displaying their rank will appear next to their final average. (A number ranking them on each test score will also appear in each test column next to the raw score.)
  • You may sort the students by a Student Information field to arrange them for example by their grade level or activity. Do this by selecting one of the data fields in the Sort by list.

Arrange rows

Once you select a sort method, you will be asked to select Ascending or Descending. If you have chosen an alphabetical system by name or by a student information field, ascending means starting with A and ending with Z, and descending means Z to A. Likewise if you select a numerical arrangement, ascending means 1 to 100, and descending means 100 to 1.

If you choose to sort by test scores, you would probably choose descending so that the student with 100 would be at the top of the list.