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Blackboard Help

Changing the Spreadsheet

Changing Spreadsheet Colors

GradeQuick uses your Windows desktop settings for Window background, titles, buttons and their text. To change these settings, choose Colors from the Control Panel in the Windows. You can also change the appearance of your screen by making the text in the spreadsheet brighter or darker. Click Options > Adjust Colors in GradeQuick. Select the adjustment you wish to make. You can see the screen change immediately. When you want to accept the change, click OK.

Changing the Spreadsheet Font

GradeQuick for Windows allows you to use the fonts you have installed for Windows. You can change theFont, Font Style and Font Size in the dialog box that appears when you click Options > Fonts. Larger font sizes reduce the number of test columns and student rows displayed on the screen. The screen appearance will remain this way until you change it again.