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Class Information

The information specific to a class can be kept in the Class Information and used in printed reports.

To change Class Information in your gradebook:

  • Field Name. Click Edit > Class Information. In the dialog box that appears you may change the names listed by clicking the cell at the left and typing the descriptive class information field name.

Edit class information options

Edit class information options

  • Information. Click, or tab to, the cell to the right of an information field name and type the information you wish to add. When you are finished typing, press the Enter key to move to the next data field, or click another field.

To edit data in a Class Information field without first deleting the current data, press the F2 key when your cursor is in the field. Your cursor will be placed at the end of the data, ready for editing.

To add or delete fields once in the Class Information dialog box:

  1. Click the appropriate button.
    1. Add New Field At End to create a new field at the end of the list.
    2. Add New Field At Cursor to insert a new field in a specific location in the list. The new field will be added above the field that was highlighted.
    3. Delete Field At Cursor to delete the field that is highlighted. If you delete a field, both the field name and any information that has been entered will be deleted for all students in the gradebook. If the field and its data were imported, it will reappear when the gradebook is next opened.
  2. If you are adding a new field, enter a name for the new field before you leave the dialog box.

If class rosters are imported and grades or attendance are exported to a student information system, check with the GradeQuick administrator about which field names and information must not be changed or deleted. Usually the fields Course #, Section # and Class ID should not be deleted or changed.