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Designing Your Grading System Overview

Final (overall) semester or year grades appear in the spreadsheet in the final right column titled Grade. They are letter grades, unless you choose the option Use Numeric Grades, and are assigned to each student based on the calculated average in each student’s Avg column that appears on the far right of the screen. Unless you choose alternative averaging methods, the computer calculated number Avg is the average of the percent correct on all tests included in the gradebook. If you set GradeQuick to calculate semester grades, they can be shown as the final grade in the far right column in place of the year grade.

Grades, letter or numeric, are also assigned to Term Subtotals (marking periods within the semester or year) and to special scores, such as a Final Exam, if the Term row is blank. The term grades appear in the subtotal column for each Term, and can be seen by clicking View > Subtotals, and then selecting Term in the dialog box.

Remember, in this help file, the words “assign grades” or “assigned letter grades” refer to grades that are assigned to calculated averages based on your grade scale. They do not refer to letter grades (non-numeric symbols) that you can enter instead of numbers as student scores on a particular test. For schools that do not assign letter grades at all, the words Assign Grades mean the numeric grades assigned in place of letter grades, not the numeric calculated averages.

The scale you select or design determines the letter or numeric grade that will be assigned to these number averages. The Auto-Assign mode you select determines whether those grades are automatically updated to reflect calculated averages, or whether they remain unchanged until you request an update.

Any changes you make in the Grading menu defaults, such as check marking Auto-Assign items or not, are considered essential to the class data and are saved as part of the gradebook. They will not overwrite your choices in previously created gradebooks unless you copy them using Gradebook to Gradebook Copy.