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Using Standard Grade Scales

Unless you change the scale, GradeQuick assigns letter grades to calculated averages for semesters or terms using the pre-set default A-F, Standard A,B,C,D,F Without +/- scale. The cutoff values, in percent, for the standard scale are A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69, and F=0-59. This means that if a student has an overall cumulative average of 80%, GradeQuick will assign a B for the final grade.

By selecting Standard A,B,C,D,F with +/- in the Grading >Set Grading Scale dialog box and clicking OK, you can switch to the scale which assigns grades based on the following cut-off values: A+=97-100; A=93-96, A-=90-92; B+=87-89, B=83-86, B-=80-82, etc. Using this scale, the same student with an overall average of 80% would receive a B-, not a B, for his final grade.