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Overwriting Grades

You may overwrite any test or assignment score you have previously entered in your gradebook. You may also overwrite any letter or numeric grade that has been assigned to a calculated average for a Term, special score or overall average in your gradebook. For example, you may want to overwrite a grade if a student has not completed all their work and needs a grade of incomplete until the work is completed. Or, you may want to raise or lower a grade based on behavior or other work that has not been calculated in the average.

To overwrite a grade, click the grade you want to change, and type in the revised grade. The overwritten grade will be displayed in green, alerting you to the fact that the grade was overwritten. When a grade is overwritten, the average for the marking period will continue to re-calculate should you add other scores, but the grade itself will no longer be automatically assigned or updated. The overwritten grade will remain until you decide to change it or remove its overwritten designation.

If you want to use overwritten grades in calculating final averages, select Average Term Grades to Calculate Final Grades from the Grading Preferences dialog.

To restore an overwritten grade, double-click the grade and press Delete, then the Enter key. The grade will then be automatically assigned based on the grade scale, if grades for this column are being automatically assigned. If grades have been frozen, the grade will remain blank until those grades are re-assigned or Auto-Assign Grades is again checked for this column.