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Using Grade Symbols

Instead of entering a number for a student’s test score, you may wish to enter a letter, word or symbol, such as Pass or a checkmark. Before GradeQuick will accept non-number symbols as test scores, however, they must be defined and given a numeric value so the program can correctly evaluate those symbols when computing the student’s overall averages.

GradeQuick defaults are set to allow you to enter the grades of S, N, U, Pass and Fail with the values in percent, that is, S = 90%, N = 70%, U = 50%, Pass = 85% and Fail = 50%.These percentages will determine what percent of the possible points on the assignment each student receives. This means that if you enter a Pass for an essay written by a student worth a possible 40 points, GradeQuick will count that as 85% correct, or 34 points, in tabulating his final grade.

To see the default grade symbols and their value, or to modify them:

  1. Click Grading > Set Grading Symbols.
  2. Double-click the symbol you wish to change, such as S.
  3. Type a new value to replace the percent value, such as 90%, in the second text box.
  4. Click Change Now to make revisions.
  5. Click OK when are satisfied that all of your changes are acceptable.

Grading symbols options

Grading symbols options