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Using the Check Mark as a Grade

If you wish to enter the checkmark for a test score, you must add the symbol in Grading > Set Grading Symbols. To type the check mark, press Ctrl+C. A check-plus or check-minus can be created by typing a plus or a minus sign after the check. To enter the check mark as a grade, place the highlight bar in the test column and student row where you wish the check mark to appear and type Ctrl+C, making certain that the number of possible points for the assignment has already been entered.

Check mark is defined as a grading symbol

Check mark is defined as a grading symbol

Printing checkmarks on reports

To print the checkmark on your reports, you must be sure that the special GradeQuick fonts remain chosen for the Score column. The font can be changed freely on other sections of the report. To verify the font that has been chosen for a particular column in a report, drag a box around that column in the Print Preview and click Options > Fonts. The fonts which must be chosen in order for the checkmarks to display are calledGRADEQUICK (proportional) and GQMONO (mono-spaced).