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Symbols for Selective Exempts or Zero Credit

Without putting a symbol for exempt on the grade symbol chart, you may always use the fixed symbols, X, NC, and ** for incomplete work or work not handed in. An X grade exempts the student and will not count against him in his average; an NC (No Credit or Not Complete) counts as a 0, and the asterisk (**) may count either way depending on which you choose and X scores appear on missing work lists. Since they all represent work not done, they are not included in computations for test statistics, e.g. mean, median, regardless of how they are computed in student averages.

  1. You can also set your own symbol to indicate exempt by creating a new grading symbol.
  2. Click Grading >Set Grading Symbols.

Type X for the value. For example, if your new symbol was XMPT, the line would read XMPT=X.

If you want to exempt only a few students for certain work not turned in, enter an exempt symbol (either X or one you have set) in their column. Then you can quickly toggle the rest of the ** grades to zero and the exempt symbols will remain as exempt. If you want to penalize only a few students for work not handed in, enter an NC in their column. It will count as a 0. Then you can keep the rest of the ** grades as exempt.