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Numeric Grades

Use numeric grades option instead of letter grades

Use numeric grades option instead of letter grades

If your school uses Numeric grades only and does not record letter (A,B,C) or word (EXCELLENT, etc.) grades for your student’s averages, you may want to choose the Use Numeric Grades Instead of Grade Scale option. This option is necessary if you need to export number grades instead of letter grades, or if you want to overwrite the calculated averages of certain students.

You should use this option if you want to assign another number as a student’s final grade by overwriting the calculated average. Since computer-calculated averages are designed to be an accurate record of the students’ scores, you cannot change this data in the Avg or Subtotal columns; however, you can overwrite this data when it is placed in the assigned grade column. Choosing Use Numeric Grades Instead of Grade Scale puts the numeric grade in the columns that allow you to overwrite them.

Instead of assigning a letter grade to the computer-calculated averages, the Use Numeric Grades Instead of Grade Scale option uses the computer-calculated average as the grade for every term (marking period) and for the overall final or semester grade. The average will be rounded before it is displayed in the Gradecolumn. If you choose this option, a numeric grade will appear in the Grade column next to the computer calculated average at the far right of the gradebook. Unless you choose to change, or overwrite that number, it will be the same number as the computer calculated average. Likewise, a numeric grade, instead of a letter grade, appears next to each term average. (To see the term grades, click View > Subtotals and select Term Subtotals. A column displaying the score for each term appears.) You will also notice that theSet Grading Scale menu option becomes gray and unavailable on the Grading menu because there is no grade scale to set. The numeric average has become the grade.

Should you want to switch back to a letter grade scale, uncheck Use Numeric Grades Instead of Grade Scale and you will return to the last grade scale you used before changing to numeric grades.