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Creating Semester Subtotals in Gradebooks

GradeQuick allows you to calculate semester subtotals within gradebooks that are used for an entire year. A semester is a grading increment that includes more than one term (marking period). Two semesters are combined to make up the final grade for a class.

Create semester subtotals:

  1. Click the Calculate Semester Subtotals option to add semester subtotals to the gradebook spreadsheet. Two semesters will be created in your gradebook.


  2. Indicate the number of terms that are contained in each semester, from 1 to 4.


    Averages in your gradebook will not be calculated correctly if you mistakenly create more terms in your gradebook than the number of semesters multiplied by the number of terms (e.g., you designated 2 terms per semester in the dialog box, but you have created 6 terms in your gradebook). You will receive a warning that the extra terms will not be calculated in any semester’s subtotals but will be included in the final average and grade.

  3. If you are using special scores, such as midterms or finals, you will need to assign them to one of your semesters.

When you are calculating semester subtotals, you can still choose how to weight your terms, so that semester 1 and semester 2 do not have to be weighted equally to calculate the final average. For example, you may want semester 2 to weight more heavily in the final average to account for student progress.