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Extra Credit

Following these procedures will raise the average of a student who earns extra credit, but will maintain (not reduce) the final average of a student who does not earn extra credit.

  • Enter more points for a student score than is entered on the Possible row for that assignment. If a quiz has 100 possible points, entering 110 for a student will earn him extra credit, regardless of your weighting system.

    Student’s score is greater than possible points

  • Enter an extra credit assignment as its own test column. You may count an entire assignment as extra credit only if you are not weighting individual test or assignment columns. Do this by assigning it 0 possible points and then entering the scores earned. You may use this method if you are weighting categories or terms, but only if you have other columns that have possible points in the same category and/or term as the extra-credit column. You may not have an extra credit column with 0 possible points if it is the only assignment in a category and you are weighting categories because it will not affect students’ averages.