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Averaging Percentiles or Normalized Scores

The Grading Preferences dialog box has three options for Averaging Method: Scores, Percentile, and Normalized. By default, GradeQuick uses Scores as the averaging method. You can choose to average percentiles or normalized scores instead, although this is not recommended unless you are familiar with the mathematics involved.


Using Scores calculates any averages using the raw scores you enter. Scores will also take into account any weighting you have selected. Scores is by far the most commonly used procedure among teachers.



Use Percentiles if you want GradeQuick to compute student averages based on the percentage of the class that scored lower than each student on each test item. (Note this is percentile, not percent.).

Normalized scores

Use Normalized scores if you want GradeQuick to normalize each test score to a certain mean and standard deviation and use these scores to compute student averages (this will not change the scores you have entered). By default, GradeQuick will normalize to a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 10, but you can change these. Just type the Mean or Standard Deviation you desire. A linear transformation is used to compute normalized scores.


If you decide to average your scores in these less common ways, you should select the student statisticNormalized or Percentiles to be displayed next to the raw scores in each column to see the numbers being used to compute the averages. Also, remember to re-set your grade scale accordingly.