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Blackboard Help

Using Global Changes

You may make changes to rows, columns, or the entire spreadsheet with Global Changes.

To use Global Changes:

  1. Click Edit > Global Changes.

    Global changes options

    Global changes options


  2. Click a cell in the row or column where you want the change to apply.
  3. Choose the option you want to use.
    • Find score or symbol: ___ and replace with this score or symbol: ___to change any score or symbol to another score or symbol.
    • Add ___ to each scoreand enter the number you wish to add to each score in a row, column or the whole spreadsheet. If you wish to subtract a number, enter it with a minus sign preceding the number (i.e. -5).
    • Multiply each score by ___ and enter the number by which you wish to multiply. If you wish to divide each number, you must enter a fraction in a decimal format as a multiplier. For example, if you wanted to divide each score in half, you would enter .5 as the number by which to multiply each score.
    • Fill col/row with: ___ if you want to enter the same score automatically in many cells without having to type it into each cell manually. Enter the number or text that you want to use to fill the selected column or row.
    • Zap Col/Row to remove scores in the row or column you have selected. In this way you can delete all scores in a selected test column while retaining the test descriptions in the header of the column.
  4. Choose where to apply the changes,
    • Whole Spread Sheet
    • Current column
    • Current Student’s scores
  5. Click OK.