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Setting Term Start Dates

Once you have set the first day of class, you must set start dates for all terms in your gradebook. You will be taken from the Set First Day of Class dialog box directly to the Set Term Start Dates dialog box. You will have to enter a term start date for every term that currently exists in your gradebook. Whenever you add an additional term to your gradebook later in the year for which you have not yet added a term start date, you will be taken to the Term Start Dates dialog box to add a term start date for that term as well. To change term start dates that have already been entered, click Edit > Attendance > Set Term Start Dates.

Set term start dates

Set term start dates

As you enter test descriptions, you will be reminded if the test dates and term numbers do not correctly reflect the term start dates that you have entered.


You may ignore these messages but any penalties that you set up or attendance information that you report may be applied incorrectly. You can set First Day of Class and Term Start Dates to be after the current date. This lets you set your gradebooks up in advance.

Term start dates will be used to apply attendance penalties to terms, and to determine term attendance totals.

Term start dates also affect new tests when they are added to your gradebook. GradeQuick automatically assigns Terms for new tests according to the Term Start Dates you have set. You may edit a test’s term by highlighting it and typing over it.