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Half-Day Attendance

Half-Day Attendance allows you to take morning and afternoon attendance separately. Half-day attendance can be used with the Attendance Chart or the Seating Chart and with any attendance code. Half-Day Attendance is intended to track attendance twice a day in the same class gradebook. If a teacher has separate gradebooks for Math in the morning and Reading in the afternoon (even if the students are the same) he or she should track attendance in each gradebook and send from each gradebook at the appropriate time.

Check the morning/afternoon option for half day attendance

Check the morning/afternoon option for half day attendance

If you wish to use Half-Day Attendance, you must select it when you set the first day of class in the dialog that appears when you set the first day of class.

If you have set the first day of class previously, a caution message will appear to tell you that any attendance information you have already entered will be lost. To set Half-Day Attendance after you have set your first day of class, you must select Yes in the caution message box.


Once you have selected Half-Day Attendance, you can enter attendance codes in either the attendance chart, the seating chart, or in Student Summary View. Using any of these methods, a Morning/Afternoon toggle will appear in the attendance dialogue box. Morning attendance will be selected by default. Select the arrow in the toggle box to switch to Afternoon attendance.

When Half-Day Attendance is set, you cannot use attendance penalties in conjunction with grades nor have an attendance column in the spreadsheet. If you already have an attendance column, you should delete it by deleting the test column.

Note: If you select Half-Day Attendance, your attendance reports will reflect attendance as follows:

  • The Daily Attendance report will print separate summaries for morning and afternoon attendance.
  • The Class Summary report will record a half-day absence as 0.5 under Days Absent.
  • The Student Summary report will record half days as 0.5 in calculating total absences, days tardy and days present.
  • The Class Chart will print separate records for morning and afternoon attendance, with a chart on the top for the morning and a chart on the bottom for the afternoon.