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Setting up Attendance Codes

You may use the absent and tardy codes already set up or you may create new ones to use to record attendance in the attendance chart. Attendance codes may also be used to indicate specific types of absence or tardy days that will be penalized. Attendance “scores” may be automatically reflected in an Attendance Column and used to reward good attendance.

  1. Click a blank row in the Attendance Codes dialog box.
  2. Click the text box labeled Code and type the code you wish to use in the Attendance Chart for this type of tardy or absence. The code can be one to four characters in length.
  3. Press the Tab key or click in the text box labeled Meaning. Enter the descriptive name of the attendance code. This name will appear on attendance reports and with attendance information on student reports.
  4. Check the box next to Code not counted in Attendance Totals if you do not want the code to be included in attendance totals.
  5. Click Change to accept the new code. (You may also press the Enter key and proceed to add another code.)

Set up attendance codes

Set up attendance codes

If you wish to edit Attendance Codes you have already created, click the code you want to enter, and then double click the Code or Meaning text box. Then delete or change the text in the text box. Click Change to accept the revision. If you want to remove a particular code, click it to highlight it, and then delete the code and meaning in the text boxes below the list and click Change.

Attendance codes can be set using numbers and/or letters. Assign numbers as codes in the same way you do letters.