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Entering Attendance via Calendar Chart

Once the first day of class is set and any additional Attendance Codes are set up, click the Attendance icon on the toolbar or click Edit > Attendance > Attendance Chart.

  • The chart displays the class roster with columns for each day of the week (Mon., Tue., Wed., etc.).
  • Each cell contains a blank or a space and represents “present” unless you enter another code.
  • The chart automatically opens with a week or more including the current day displayed. If you want to enter records for another date, use the left/right arrow keys to scroll to another week, or use the scroll bar to move to other days.
  • Days that are prior to the first day will not be available to enter attendance.
  • You can enter dates in the future up until the last day in the Attendance Chart. To enter attendance in the future, use the arrows to move to a date in the future.

Drop down list of attendance codes

Drop down list of attendance codes

To mark an absence:

  1. Highlight the appropriate cell by using the Arrow keys or clicking the cell.
  2. Click the arrow to display a drop-down list with all the attendance codes you have set up.
  3. Choose one of the codes from this list by clicking it or type the code for the type of absence you want to record, such as A for Absent, or T for Tardy. You will only be able to enter codes that you have defined in Set Absence/Tardy Codes or Edit Codes. Even if you have defined specific types of absences, you will probably enter the “A” when you first take attendance since you will not know the reason for the student’s absence. Later, when you know why the student was absent, you can replace the A with a more specific code.

To change a recorded absence back to present, highlight the cell and press the Space bar.

Attendance entered in the future will not count toward the absence and tardy subtotals in the Attendance Chart or on reports. Future attendance also cannot be exported.