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Setting Entry and Exit Dates for Specific Students

If you want to use the attendance feature to calculate, print or export each student’s exact possible days in the class rather than a fixed number of possible days based on the days the class meets, you will need to set Entry/Exit dates. Some things to consider:

  • If you do not set these dates, GradeQuick assumes all students are in the class from the first day of class and assumes they are present everyday the class meets unless they are marked absent.
  • If a student joined the class two weeks after the first day, it would attribute more days present to that student than s/he was actually enrolled in the class.
  • If you are using the attendance only to mark or send absence/tardy information, this information will still be correct and you should not need to use the entry/exit date feature.
  • If you want an accurate account of summary attendance information, such as the number of days each student was actually present and how many possible days s/he had in your class, you should take advantage of this feature. The number of days present may vary from one student to another.

Entry and Exit dates fields

Entry and Exit dates fields

  1. Click Edit > Student Information, or click the Student Information button on the Big Toolbar.
  2. Select Add New Field at End (or at Cursor). Enter EntryDate1 (one word) as the field for a student’s first entry date, if it is different than the first day of school.
  3. Select Add New Field at End (or at Cursor). Enter ExitDate1 (one word) as the field for a student’s first exit date, if it is different than the last day of school.
  4. If a student has entered and exited repeatedly, add additional student data fields called EntryDate2 and 3, and ExitDate2 and 3.
  5. Enter dates in the format MM/DD/YY, (e.g., 08/23/09).


  • Once you have set these days, you will be unable to record attendance for a student who is not in your class on a given date.
  • Any days that a student is not in your class will not be included in that student’s total days present, but will also not be deducted as absence days.
  • If you are setting entry and exit dates, you will not be able to use an attendance column to reflect the accurate attendance of any students for whom you have set entry or exit dates.