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Setting Up Attendance Codes as Penalties

To record attendance penalties, click Edit > Attendance > Penalties, or File > Penalties in the Attendance Chart. From the Penalties dialog box you can choose an Automatic or Manual method of using absences and tardy days to change grade averages. From the Automatic or Manual dialog box, you can choose which Attendance Codes should be indicated as penalties and whether you want those penalties deducted from Term averages or the final overall average. Alternately, you may choose Edit > Attendance > Make Attendance Column to show designated types of absences in an attendance column on the spreadsheet.

In both the Automatic Penalty and Manual Penalty dialog boxes you must click the codes you want counted as penalties. All codes are counted in the absent or tardy totals that are printed, but only the codes you select as penalty codes will be counted towards deductions from grades or from the days present in the attendance column.

Attendance penalties

Attendance penalties

When you set either an Automatic or Manual penalty system, you must also click either Terms or Final Averages to indicate if you want the penalties deducted from students’ term averages or from their overall final averages. If you want the penalties deducted from the term averages, you must set term start dates and weight terms.

If you are using an attendance column in the spreadsheet, you do not need to select an Automatic or Manual penalty system because the attendance column is treated as an assignment column in the spreadsheet. You can use its term and weight to designate the grades you want it to affect.

Automatic Penalty

You may set a penalty system where the grade average is repeatedly reduced by a specified percent for a specified number of days absent or tardy, thereby increasing the penalty for more absences. Select Set Penalties Automatically from the Penalties sub-menu. In the dialog box you will see the following sentence, but without the numbers:

“After (5) penalty days, deduct (.5) percent for every (1) penalty days.”

“After (5) penalty days, deduct (.5) percent for every (1) penalty days.”

You must enter the 3 numbers. The first indicates how many penalties a student can incur before his grade is reduced. The second indicates the number of percentage points that will be subtracted from a penalized student’s average. The third indicates how many more penalties must be incurred after each reduction before the grade is again reduced

In the case above, the student would not be penalized for the first 5 penalty days, but would lose a .5 percent at the 6th penalty day and would lose another .5 percent for each day thereafter.

Manual Penalty

If you prefer a non-repetitive or varied-pattern penalty, select Set Penalties Manually from the Penalties sub-menu.

To set variable penalties:

  1. Click Edit > Attendance > Penalties > Set Penalties Manually.
  2. On the left under Codes to be counted as penalties, check the codes for which you want the penalty to apply.
  3. On the right click the day for which you want to begin the penalty.
  4. In the text box next to Day, enter the percent penalty.
  5. Click the Change button.
  6. Click OK.

“After (5) penalty days, deduct (2) percent for every (1) penalty day and after (8) penalty days, deduct (3) percent for every day of absence.”

“After (5) penalty days, deduct (2) percent for every (1) penalty day and after (8) penalty days, deduct (3) percent for every day of absence.”

Removing Penalties

Select Remove Penalties from the Penalties sub-menu to remove penalties. The averages will be recalculated on scores alone. You may then set a new attendance penalty system or not use one at all.Removing Penalties does not remove your selection of which Attendance Codes are considered penalty codes, so that those codes can still be deducted from total days in the attendance column feature.