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Seating Charts

The Seating Chart can be accessed by clicking the Seating Chart icon in GradeQuick. There is no default seating chart so you will have to choose a seat arrangement when you first access the seating chart and until you save a seating chart. The seat arrangement is covered in the next topic.


Seating chart icon on the toolbar

Seating chart icon on the toolbar

Arranging Seats

When you open the seating chart and there is no saved chart, you will be asked to choose a seating arrangement. Thereafter or while you are working in the seating chart, you can change the seat arrangement clicking File > Arrange Seats.

When the Arrange Seats dialog box opens, there are five options for arranging student seats and three opens for arranging the teacher’s seat.


hoose seat arrangement

Choose seat arrangement

Seat Arrangements

In the upper portion of the dialog box, you will see different seat arrangements from which to choose.

  • Choose Number Seats Per Row. If you choose this option, a scroll bar will appear for you to indicate the number of seats you want in each row. GradeQuick will then adjust the number of rows to fit the seat-per-row specification.
  • Choose Number Of Rows. If you choose “Number of Rows,” you must indicate the number of rows desired and the number of seats-per-row will adjust accordingly.
  • Arrange In A Circle.
  • Arrange In A Semicircle.
  • Default Setting For Custom Groupings. Use this to design groupings, such as groups of 5 seats, or a long table in an L shape, or any arrangement not based on rows/columns, circles or semicircles. The chart will then be displayed with the correct number of seats for the class and you may drag them to your desired location.

Teacher’s Seat

In the lower part of the dialog box you may indicate how the teacher’s seat should be treated in the arrangement you select.

  • Remove teacher’s seat from class entirely.
  • Place teacher’s seat at front of class.
  • Include teacher’s seat in class arrangement with the student seats.

Once you have chosen a seat arrangement, click OK to display the new arrangement. All of the seats will be displayed on the screen in the arrangement you selected with the front of the class at the bottom of the chart. You may make changes by clicking a seat with your left mouse button and moving it. You can also reassign students to different seats.