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Assessment Scales

Skills are often assigned marks different from the traditional grading scales.

  1. Select Edit > Skills Information, or click the Edit Skills button on the Big Toolbar.
  2. Click the Assessment Scales button.

    dCreate new assessment scales or edit existing ones

    Create new assessment scales or edit existing ones

  3. Click Add Scale.

    Assessment scale options

    Assessment scale options

  4. Build the assessment scale by completing the fields in the Edit Assessment Scales dialog.
    • Scale Name. Enter the name of the grading scale.
    • Assessment Scale Values. Enter the scale values in order from highest to lowest.
    • Default Value. You can select your most commonly used mark as the default value, if you wish.
    • Mastery Level. You can also select the value that indicates a student has achieved mastery of a skill. This may or may not be the same as the default value. (If you select a Mastery Level, you will not be able to type your own values when assessing the students on the skills. In other words, you will only be able to select the preset options from the drop down menu.)
    • Partial Mastery Level. If you set a Mastery Level for a scale, you can also set a partial mastery level, to further track student progress on the skills.
    • Scale Type. Select Yes to restrict the scale to only the values entered in the Assessment Scale. Select No to allow the entry of any grade, whether in the scale list or not.
  5. Click Add Scale to enter another scale.
  6. Select your default scale from the Default Scale list. It will be assigned to any new skills you add for which you do not select another scale.
  7. If you have attached skills to tests and you have chosen to apply a statistic to the test scores to assign an assessment automatically, you must also choose the cutoff values for each assessment scale value. If the cutoffs are not setup, no assessments will be assigned.
  8. Click OK to close the Assessment Scales dialog.


Select How Skills Are Graded

You can arrive at a skill assessment for a student in several ways. The default choice is None meaning that test scores are not used in any way to automatically assign skill assessments and you will be manually entering assessments.

You can, however, choose another way to use test scores to help you assess skills by applying a statistic to the test scores. Applying a statistic requires that you assign skills to tests. This procedure is covered in the preceding section. If you do not assign skills to tests, there will be no test scores to use to calculate the statistic chosen.

If you select one of the choices listed below (not None), you must enter the cutoff values for each assessment grade.


Choose how tests are used to assess skills

Choose how tests are used to assess skills