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Blackboard Help

Building an Instructional Plan

After defining a lesson plan, the Instructional Plan lets you outline how you will teach it.

  1. Select the Instructional Plan tab.
  2. Click the + (plus) button.

    The Define Instructional Plan window opens. Complete the fields related to this item.

    Instructional plan options

    Instructional plan options

    • Activity - If this item involves an activity, enter a description here.
    • Materials - List any physical items you will use while teaching this plan (e.g., overhead projector, black/white marbles, Bunsen burners, atomic models, etc.)
    • Start Date - Click in the field, and then click the pull-down arrow. Click a date in the calendar.
    • End Date - The Start Date defaults as the End Date as well. If it needs to be changed, click in the End Date field and select a new date from the calendar.
    • Duration - Enter the hours/minutes that you will spend on this item.
    • Resource - Double-click in this field, select a resource and click Attach.
    • Resource Detail - Enter any additional information regarding the item (e.g., page numbers from the previous resource, more detail regarding the activity, etc.)
    • Resource Links - Add or access links to resources (i.e. worksheets, activity instructions) that are stored any where on your computer, network or the Internet.
  3. Click OK to save changes and exit.