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Basics of Printing Reports

You can easily create hundreds of different reports by using the dialog boxes in the Print Preview. There are seven basic types of reports. Each one is offered in a variety styles, making more than 50 pre-formatted reports available and ready-to-print. An eighth type of report can be posted to Edline for access by parents and students.

Access reports by clicking the Reports button on the Big Toolbar or by selecting Reports from the main menu. Select a report type and style. It will be displayed on the screen with some of the most popular menu items pre-selected so you can print (or post to Edline) immediately.

Customizing Basic Reports

You can change the content and appearance of most basic reports by selecting or de-selecting items in the dialog boxes available from theStudents menu of the Print Preview. You can also change font styles, sizes and colors.

For example:

  • If you don’t want attendance information on a report, the Print Preview allows you to remove it. Select Students > Attendanceand uncheck the associated items that are checked in the dialog box.
  • If you don’t want to show test scores on the report, you can remove them by selecting Tests >Select Tests Or Subtotals from the main menu of the Print Preview. Click the None button on the right-hand side of the dialog box to deselect tests.

Report Types

There are two types of reports:

  • Customizable from the Print Preview menus.
    • Student
    • Test
    • Class
    • Attendance
    • Spreadsheet
    • Static, intended to be used as is.
    • Elementary Report Card
    • Skills
    • Lesson Plan
    • Attendance


These reports have been set up with default configurations. This means that some items on the menus have been selected and others have not. To get full use of these reports, check the menus to learn what other options you may choose or unselect options that you don’t want.

Regardless of the report type, each item on the menus corresponds to the same item of data, (e.g., student ID, test Name, etc.); however, the context in which it is used, and the manner in which it is displayed, varies according to the type of report. Not all menu items are available on all reports. Items that appear gray are not available on the selected report.


These reports are not customizable from the menus. Many of these are similar to report cards, reporting marking period grades, skill assessments and attendance.

Special Kinds of Reports

Some report-related features such as the List Wizard, Mailing Labels, Weekly Attendance Report and Elementary School Reports use another Print Preview. The format of these reports is pre-determined and cannot be modified; however, the user may choose what students to include in the report.

Print Preview

The top menu in the Print Preview has the menu options shown below: Print, View, Students, Tests, Options and Help.


At the top of the Print Preview screen is a toolbar for quick access to commonly used features.


Toolbar icons are listed below reading from left to right.

Print Current Student

Print All Students

Save Configuration

Zoom In

Zoom Out

Select Students

Select Tests or Subtotals

Previous Page

Next Page

Change Font

Saving Report Customizations

After designing your report from the menus in the Print Preview, click Print > Save Configuration. The selections you made will be saved so that the next time you use the report, you will have the same selections. You can print using your selections but you do not need to save them.

If you exit the report and immediately return to it, the selections you have made will remain until you select a different report to view. If you do select another report to display, the next time you choose the first report, the selections will be lost unless you save them.


Changing Fonts on Reports

On the customizable reports, you can change font styles, sizes and color. This can be helpful if you don�t want to print in color, want to condense the information on the page or use fonts of your own choosing.

  1. Point the mouse to the upper left corner of the area of interest.
  2. Drag the mouse to the lower right hand corner of the area. A dotted line will appear around the selected area. The selected area below is Progress Report for Adler, Leslie.


    Dotted line defines the selected area

  3. After the mouse key is released, the selected area will appear black.


    Highlighted area after selection is made

  4. Click Options >Fonts. You will directly access the Font dialog box and be able to select a font that will be applied only to the selected area.


    New font and color selections

    The report below has the font for the student name changed. Compare the font below with the font in a previous picture.


    Note the font change for the student name

  5. If your printer prints color, you can change colors as well as fonts.