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Printing a Spreadsheet Report

GradeQuick reports allow the user to customize in many ways. When reports are accessed from the Reports menu, a default layout is displayed. You can accept the layout or use the menus in the Print Preview to change the report to display what you want. By choosing from the menus, items can be added or removed from the layout. Once you are completely satisfied with your choices, you may save them. Or, you can change the report and print it and by not saving the report configuration, you can return to the original layout the next time you select it from the menu.

Printing a Spreadsheet Report

Description of the report

A report is shown below with areas designated as A, B and C.

Area A–If you have entered Class Information, the teacher name, subject, period number and room number to appear.

Area B–List of assignments and their long names.

Area C–Student and test information; Overall grades.

Printing a Spreadsheet Report

1. Click Reports > Spreadsheets > Gradebook Spreadsheet.


Spreadsheet reports

2. Click Print > Print Report.

Modifying a Spreadsheet Report

1. In the Print Preview, you can modify some of the information on the report.

a. click Tests>Test Info

i. In the Information About Each Test dialog box Options area, you can deselect Print Test Names Key to remove test descriptions from the report (it will allow more test columns to be displayed on the report).


Student info options

2. Click Tests>Select Tests and Subtotals.

a. Click Select None button next to Test Columns.

b. Click Select All button next to Term Subtotals.


Tests and subtotals options

3. Click Print>Print Report. The edited report will contain only term subtotals.


Spreadsheet report with only subtotals

Printing Multiple Gradebook Report

From time to time, a summary report that lists grades for several gradebooks is required.

1. Click Reports>Spreadsheet>Multi-File Student List with Grades (4 terms year)-Portrait.

2. Select gradebooks you want to include on the report.


Select gradebooks for the report

3. Final report will list students and their term and final grades.


Click the student icon on the toolbar to select students

4. To select some students from the list click the Select Student button. Only selected students will appear on the report.

a. You may select individual students by clicking each in the list on the left.

b. You can choose the Select All or Select None buttons on the right to select quickly all or none of the students.


Select student options


Report showing multiple gradebooks for multiple students

Printing a Single Term Spreadsheet Report

Click Reports>Spreadsheet>Single Term Only. The description for using the report is the same as in the earlier section Printing a Spreadsheet Report except for the following:

  • The assignments and subtotals refer only to the chosen term. The assignments are selected by the term number indicated for each assignment in the spreadsheet.
  • From the toolbar, you must select the term which you wish to display or print.


Single term spreadsheet report