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Printing a Test Report

GradeQuick reports allow the user to customize in many ways. When reports are accessed from the Reports menu, a default layout is displayed. You can accept the layout or use the menus in the Print Preview to change the report to display what you want. By choosing from the menus, items can be added or removed from the layout. Once you are completely satisfied with your choices, you may save them. Or, you can change the report and print it and by not saving the report configuration, you can return to the original layout the next time you select it from the menu.

The Reports menu lists several Test reports. Each of these reports can be adjusted to contain the same information. Each of them, however, has default selections that make them appear very different. In addition to different menu selections, the reports also show different fonts styles and colors.

Printing a Test Report

Description of the report

A report is shown below with areas designated as A, B and C.

Area A

  • Short and long name of the test.
  • If you have entered Class Information, the teacher name and subject appear.
  • If you have entered Test Memo, it will appear.
  • Overall test information including Maximum Possible Score, Category, Term number, Date.
  • Overall test statistics including Mean, Median and High scores

Area B

  • The list of students including Name, ID, Score, Grade, Footnote and Rank.

Area C

  • The list of students who have not completed the assignment.
  • Grade Scale
  • Footnote Key

Printing a Test Report

1. Click Reports > Test > Standard 1.


Test report


2. Click Print > Print Report.

Printing More than One Test Report

1. Click Tests > Select tests and Subtotals.

a. You may select the individual tests and subtotals by clicking each item in the list on the left.

b. You can choose the Select All or Select None buttons on the right to select quickly all or none of the particular test or subtotal columns.

c. In the lower right hand corner, you can choose tests by indicating a range of dates or, at least, a Start date. The Stop dateis not necessary.


Select tests and subtotals options


2. Click OK.

3. In the Print Preview, you can view the other tests you have chosen to print (if you selected more than one) by pressing Page Down on your keyboard. If the full report is not in view, use the scroll bar on the right to move from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. You can also resize the report by using options on the View menu.

4. Click Print > Print Report.

Printing More than One Test Report per Page

The Test report is set up to display a great deal of information about a test. By listing all the students in the class, the teacher or administrator can review how students performed on the test. From time to time, a summary grade is required and a whole page or more of information for each test is not necessary. To condense the report, you must remove items from the report by accessing the menus and deselecting items.

1. In the Print Preview, you must eliminate some of the information on the report. Some examples of what you may want to eliminate:

a. Student menu.

i. Click Students > Select Students.

ii. Click Select All.


Select student options


b. Click Tests > Test Info.

i. Test Information - Uncheck the Term to remove this information from the report.

ii. Test statistics

1. Uncheck High Score if you do not want this statistics to display on the report.

2. Leave Mean and Median checked.


Test info options

c. Click Options and uncheck the following items:

i. Grade Scale.

ii. Report Memo.

iii. Every test on a new page if more than one test is selected to print, multiple tests will appear on each page if this is unchecked. The number of tests that will appear on each page is determined by the amount of information you have chosen to print.


Options dialog

2. Click Print > Print Report. When the report is setup as indicated above, it will appear as shown below. The first screen shows a close up view and the second screen shows the full page with multiple students.


Multiple test reports on a page