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Printing a Class Summary Report

GradeQuick reports allow the user to customize in many ways. When reports are accessed from the Reports menu, a default layout is displayed. You can accept the layout or use the menus in the Print Preview to change the report to display what you want. By choosing from the menus, items can be added or removed from the layout. Once you are completely satisfied with your choices, you may save them. Or, you can change the report and print it and by not saving the report configuration, you can return to the original layout the next time you select it from the menu.

The Reports menu lists several Summary reports. Each of these reports can be adjusted to contain the same information. Each of them, however, has default selections that make them appear very different. In addition to different menu selections, the reports also show different fonts styles and colors.

Printing a Class Summary Report

Description of the report

A report is shown below with areas designated as A, B and C.

Area A

  • If you have entered Class Information, the teacher name and subject appear.
  • Overall grade information including total and maximum points, average and grade, overall statistics (rank) and tardy and absences.
  • Grade scale.

Area B

  • The list of students with
  • Term averages, grades,
  • Final averages and grades
  • Attendance information.

Area C

  • Overall statistical information like Class Size, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, High Score and Low Score.
  • Grade scale.






1. Click Reports > Summary > Overall with Terms.


Summary reports


2. Click Print > Print Report.


Modifying a Class Summary Report

The class summary report is set up to display a great deal of information about the class. The reports generally cover summary grades and averages for subtotals and/or overall. You can add Student Information and attendance totals to some reports.


1. In the Print Preview, you must eliminate some of the information on the report. Some examples of what you may want to eliminate:

a. Student menu

i. Click Students > Select Students.



Select by Criteria option


ii. Click the Select by Criteria button.

iii. ClickStandard Selection button.



Choose Standard Selection


iv. Choose options from the drop down lists to create the filter you want to use to select students.



Enter data from drop down lists


v. Click OK. The selected students will be highlighted in the student list.


Class summary report with term and semester averages and grade

b. Click Students > Student Info.

i. Leave Name, Final Average and Final Grade checked.



Student info options

c. Click Students > Overall Statistics and uncheck Rank if you do not what this statistic to display on the report.



Student overall statistics options

d. Click Students >Attendance and uncheck all the items in this dialog box if you do not want to display attendance information.



Attendance options

e. Click Options and uncheck Report Memo.



Options dialog


1. Click Print > Print Report. When the report is setup as indicated above, it will appear as shown below. The screen shows a close up view of the report.



Class summary report for selected students